With highly efficient industrial furnaces you can achieve the maximum performance!

Energy efficiency is a fundamental part of our processes, together with effective production process control, use of innovative eco-technologies and emissions monitoring.

GADDA GROUP has for years invested in research to improve the performance of industrial furnaces.

In particular, forging furnaces, that operate at temperatures up to 1,300° C, are one of the major sources of gas consumption. To solve this problem, since ten years Gadda Group has been designing latest generation heat recovery furnaces, furnaces with high-efficiency exchangers or with regenerative burners, also available with methane/LPG or methane/hydrogen Bi-fuel supply.

The forging furnaces are subject to severe thermal stress both inside and outside the chamber; therefore, Gadda’s designers and technicians have acquired over the years specific skills and high competences, with more than 600 projects completed in Italy and around the world. More than 400 companies, that place their trust in our company, are the best testimonials of the attention to the customer, commitment, and level of innovation we offer today.

Gadda Group develops, produces, and install industrial furnaces tailored on customers’ requirements; the Forge Furnaces can be Chamber Furnaces, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, and in case of series production for continuous processes, and even Rotary Hearth Furnaces.

In order to maintain the furnaces performance, Gadda Group provide technical support and specialist consultancy, operating during the shutdown period, for the verification of the refractory and the restoration, the replacement/cleaning of the regenerators and the consequent re-calibration of the burners. Do you know how much heat are lost from a forge furnace door that does not ensure proper closure? Or from a combustion with an incorrect stoichiometric ratio? Even 50% more gas!

In addition, we do smoke analysis for the verification of atmospheric emissions, tests of uniformity “TUS” and control of thermocouples “SAT” to ensure proper furnace regulation and instrumentation calibration after the maintenance interventions.


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