Technical specifications

The Gadda group produces different systems to perform high-quality controlled cooling for thermal treatments. According to customer needs, forced cooling chambers and/or quenching tanks are available. A forced air cooling station with exhaust hood can be integrated in the line and fed by an automatic loading machine. Internal air recirculation is engineered using computed fluid dynamics in order to optimize flow around actual load shape allowing fast and uniformed controlled cooling. Cooling rate can be controlled in feedback through inverter powered recirculation fan. Isothermal annealing treatment chamber are manufactured. When forced cooling is not needed, free air normalization stations with optional smoke aspiration and thermal shields are offered.

Water, water/polymer or oil tanks are designed taking advantage of computed fluid dynamics in order to optimize flow around actual load shape. Different water flow direction solution (horizontal/vertical) with Kaplan duct fans or diffuser nozzles under the load are available. Quenching can be performed: with the load still sustained by the fully integrated loading machine, with the load deposited on trays submerged in the tank or using a dedicated elevator. An automatic tank covering system can be installed for improved safety. Typical time to submerge load from furnace door opening is under 30 seconds. Water cooling is done with an external heat exchanger and cooling tower. Tank volumes range from 20 m3 to 400 m3.


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