Technical specifications

The Gadda group is specialized in the design and manufacture of highly efficient centralized heating energy exchangers. This system pre-heats combustion air up to 500 °C, extracting heat from exhaust gasses, increasing the global efficiency. Internal furnace pressure is controlled by a double flap valve on the chimney. The heat exchanger is protected from overheating by the controlled mixing of cold air in the exchange chamber.

high-efficiency central heat exchangers

Gadda group forging furnaces: maintenance and research to achieve maximum performance.

With highly efficient industrial furnaces you can achieve the maximum performance! Heating energy efficiency is a fundamental part of our processes, together with effective production process control, use of innovative eco-technologies and emissions monitoring.

Gadda Group has for years invested in research to improve the performance of industrial furnaces. In particular, forging furnaces, that operate at temperatures up to 1.300° C, are one of the major sources of gas consumption. To solve this problem, since ten years Gadda Group has been designing latest generation heat recovery furnaces, furnaces with high-efficiency exchangers or with regenerative burners, also available with methane/LPG or methane/hydrogen Bi-fuel supply.

regenerative burners

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