Batch Automatic Line #1322 

The heat treatment line is composed of 5 batch furnaces in nitrogen atmosphere with radiant tube heating elements. The line is designed to treat stainless steel wire rods and can perform various processes as: normalizing, austenitizing, annealing, solubilization, tempering, quenching in different fluids (water, polymer) and isothermal annealing with indirect air-cooling stations. The line is completely automatic with segregated working area. The load enters and exits the line through a motorized loading/unloading station. Maximum batch weight is 3 T treated up to 1.150 °C. The quenching tank has 4 Kaplan agitators and a water-cooling system, the total volume is 60 m³.


Batch Automatic Line #1322 

Load weight

3.000 kg


1.150 °C

Batch line components

– 5 chamber furnaces in nitrogen atmosphere
– 3 quenching tanks with agitators (1 water, 1 water/polymer and 1 for rinse)
– 1 automatic loader (3 T capacity)
– 1 forced cooling station
– 2 motorized loading/unloading stations
– 5 storage stations
– Custom made supervision system ready for full integration with customer management system

Load dimension

  • Width:    2.800 mm
  • Length:  1.300 mm
  • Height:   1.100 mm

Load weight

  • 3.000 Kg

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