Chamber Furnace # 1295

Heat treatment chamber furnace with inert gas atmosphere for aerospace alloy annealing. The parts to be treated are handled by an automatic loading machine. Heating is via Kanthal ROB resistors. High speed air circulation, optimized by CFD, assures high temperature uniformity. All components are easily removable for maintenance purposes.



Chamber Furnace # 1295

Load weight

2.000 kg


1.000 °C

Overall specifications

Width:                                  1.200 mm
Length:                                 1.800 mm
Height:                                  1.000 mm
Load weight:                          2.000 Kg
Max temperature:                   1.000 °C
Temperature uniformity:         from 190 °C to 400 °C ± 14 °C
Temperature uniformity:         from 400 °C to 800 °C ± 3 °C
Temperature uniformity:         from 800 °C to 1.000 °C ± 5 °C

Chamber Furnace # 1295

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