Roller Furnace for Heat Treatment of wire rod in protective atmosphere. Batch roller furnace with loading machine for heat treatment of steel wire rod under protective atmosphere.
The load arranged on winders is placed by the overhead crane on the double-roller load-unload conveyor.

The load is formed by 8 steel coils with a maximum Ø of 1500mm and maximum height of 2700mm, total load weight up to 34 tons.
The operating cycle begins with chambre washing with nitrogen flux; the heat treatment cycle will start when the residual oxygen content is reduced to the desired level.

Heating is obtained with radiant tube auto recuperative burners placed in four adjustment zones both below and over the treating load. Each zone has a recycling fan to optimize the treating coils temperature uniformity.
The overall plant design is based on a carefully study of thermal fluid dynamics to obtain the customer desired performances.
The furnace operating temperature is between 650°C and 850 °C with a granted uniformity of +/-6°C on the entire load volume. Maximum temperature 880°C.

The plant has high productivity thanks to the load/unload machinery that allows the furnace to remain constantly in the heat treatment mode.

Very low added decarburation levels, thanks to the 100% nitrogen protective atmosphere; the control panel has CO2, O2 and dew points analyzers with specific regulating systems.

Optimal mechanical properties of treated material and thermal uniformity thanks the re-heating system and atmosphere recycling.


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