Industrial Furnaces. Hi-tech tailor-made

High-tech: Innovation and Engineering

Providers of turnkey engineering for industry 4.0 that delivers effective, innovative, technological solutions to rationalize systems, optimize processes and costs, and consequently generate additional value. We use thermo-fluid dynamic analysis software to research new solutions and develop and validate our projects.

Made in Italy: Excellence and Quality

We always use components of the highest quality and offer systems delivering maximum productivity levels. Construction and pre-assembly in Italy. The more than 400 companies that place their trust in us are the best testimonials of the attention, commitment and level of innovation we offer today.

Tailor-made: Custom solutions

We develop customized products to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We provide support through each phase in the production cycle, with an all-round rangeof services and solutions using equipment we design, produce and test in-house.

Sustainability: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a fundamental part of our processes, together with effective production process control, use of innovative eco-technologies and emissions monitoring.

Industrial Furnaces

Gadda group | Industrial Furnaces. From design to commissioning to support, we offer tailor-made engineering solutions with a high technology content, providing not only a product or a service, but an answer to our customers’ requirements and development opportunities.
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Who we are  - What we do

Gadda group | Industrial Furnaces. We are leaders in complete, direct management of every step in the engineering, commissioning and customer support cycle. An international benchmark in the metal heat treatment and reheating industry.
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Our Clients

Gadda group | Industrial Furnaces. The more than 400 companies that place their trust in us are the best testimonials.
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Our Headquarters

Our headquarters are located in Italy: 30.000 m in the Canavese, one of the most industrialized areas in northern Italy, which has always been at the forefront of technology and engineering. From there, we have opened up to the world, responding to the most complex challenges, from new technologies to environmental sustainability.

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